1TB PlayStation 4 Ultimate Player Edition to be launched next month

1TB ultimate player edition

Sony has announced the launch of a 1TB PlayStation 4 Ultimate Player Edition coming next month.

The new 1TB PS4 Ultimate Player Edition will now have twice the storage of the current PS4 models so you’ll be able to download more games onto you console. Although currently, users are able to install 1TB or larger third-party hard drives for their PS4’s, this is great news for those who don’t want to tinker with their consoles but still get the added benefit of having a larger storage space.

1TB PS4 - White

The 1TB edition is currently set to launch for select “Europe and PAL territories”. No official word yet on a North American release, but we should expect it as soon as the 1TB edition hits the stores.

You can watch the introduction video here:

Also, no word on whether the  1TB PlayStation 4 Ultimate Player Edition will be sporting upgraded specs from the CUH-1200 series that has been reported to consume 8% less power and is 10% lighter (around 2.5KGs). The new CUH-1200 series edition also boast an updated look by doing away with the glossy look and now boasts a complete matte finish.

No price has been announced yet, so just stay tuned for more info.

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