September is coming – Don’t Buy a Playstation 4 Now!


On September 7, Sony will host a press event in New York City, where there are expected to announce at least two new models for their flagship console. One is a higher-powered, 4K-supporting PS4 that’s code-named NEO. The other is the recently leaked ‘PS4 Slim,’ a sleeker, likely cheaper version of the PS4 that will replace current models.

PS4.5 Concept Art
PS4.5 Concept Art

We’re down to 4 months before the expected arrival of the new PS4 in September. You might be growing anxious due to some people already selling their PS4 to save for the new one. Some are worried they won’t get to experience better game play that comes with the new console. Still others needlessly worry about the future of their beloved PS4.

Here’s what we and the entire gaming/technology community know about this upcoming console, but first watch this:



Now imagine playing this games in 4K resolution or in virtual reality. *rainbow drool ensues*


The PS 4.5 has been updated to run incredibly graphics-heavy games and the new proprietary Sony Virtual Reality (VR) headset, with better performance and 4K support. Yes, PC Master Race – 4K in a console! Eat that.

PS 4.5 (also known internally to Sony as project NEO) will feature a higher clock speed, enhanced GPU, and higher bandwidth on the memory. It will also have eight (EIGHT) Jaguar CPU cores running at 2.1GHz, whereas the older PS4 only run at 1.6GHz, it has improved AMD GCN with 36 rather than 18 CUs running at an improved rate of 911MHz over 800MHz, and quicker GDDR5 memory – 8GB at 218GB/s instead of 176GB/S.


If you’ve ever played games on PC, it’s basically equivalent to the difference between “low” and “high” graphics settings.

Need more convincing how powerful will the new PS4.5 be?




Would you ditch your old friend for a new one? Of course not, so why would you shun your PS4?

Truth be told, if you don’t want to upgrade to the PS4.5, that’s perfectly okay since it won’t be getting its own games or even exclusive titles. Sony will instead build a “base” mode and a “NEO” mode, making it compatible with both console. You’ll be able to keep your games on PS4, and although PS4.5 supports 4K, the games won’t have to.


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I don’t know about you, but this’ll be me once I get my PS4.5

How about you, would you ditch your old PS4 for the PS4.5?

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  1. Let me know when they come out and how much

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