Gamepad Project’s Story

Gamepad Project started in 2015 by 4 colleagues who share a passion for video games. They decided to make a video game blog to spread their knowledge, skills, thoughts, and ideas on anything about video games, however, after one year of running this blog, the three original founders left the site due to financial reasons and the blog was left to me – Mikez Ancheta, the sole proprietor of this blog – www.gamepadproject.com.

The site still remains the same being a video game news and reviews blog and is being run by one person.

The man behind the blog

I must say that I am an old school gamer because I started playing video games when I acquired an Atari when I was in 1st grade. It was a “hand-me-down” console from my cousin as they will migrate to the US and can no longer bring the system with them. In that very moment, I fell in love with video games and spent my whole childhood playing games such as Atari, Family Computer, NES, and SNES.

The passion still continues even if I am in high school and college, and the systems I am playing back then were PS1 and PS2.

Now, I still play video games…A LOT! and I spend most of my free time and day off from work playing video games from different platforms like handheld, consoles, mobile phones, and PC, and the passion didn’t stop at playing video games because I also collect video game stuff like retro games, retro consoles, and video game related action figures.

As of the moment, I own the following handheld devices and video games consoles which I use for the content of this blog.

Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)
Sony Playstation 1 (PS1)
Sony Playstation 2 (PS2)
Sony Playstation 3 (PS3)
Sony Playstation 4 (PS4)
Sony PSP
Sony PS Vita
Nintendo Wii U
New Nintendo 3DS XL (Check out my top New Nintendo 3DS accessories here.)
Xbox 360

Website update

Gamepad Project will no longer post gaming news articles and rumors as there are a lot of websites on the internet that cover this kind of content. GPP will focus on sharing its opinion on latest gaming threads, top 10 anything of your favorite gaming platform and games, reviews on games, accessories, peripherals, and consoles, unboxing of video game related stuff and gaming deals.

Gamepad Project will no longer post any news, reviews, press release and rumors that are related to mobile games. I will focus on video game consoles and PC gaming.

These updates will take effect starting January 2018.

  • Mikez Ancheta

    A gamer who despite his 30+ years of existence, he still thinks if this is the real life or is this just fantasy, and if he is living on Earth or in Imaginationland. During sleepless nights, he still wondering why after all these years, Mario still need to rescue Princess Peach again, and again, and again. Labeled as not-a-fanboy who can play whatever games on different consoles or handhelds and hate idiots who think that they belong to PC Master Race while they sit and play in front of their pirated games.