Atlus introduces Personas of Persona 5 protagonists

Persona 5 is supposed to be as one of the  most awaited games of 2015 but just recently, Atlus announced that the game will be delayed for Summer 2016 in Japan and late 2016 in North America.

Though the delay may have caused some stir from the fans, it is not that surprising because all Atlus can really show are trailers and no gameplay videos leaked yet and it seems that the game is not yet finished.

If you’re a fan of Persona series, you know that the characters of the game uses Persona during battle and Atlus introduces the new Personas to be used by the main characters of Persona 5.


Arsene – the main protagonist’s Persona and by the looks on the design, the mask is similar to the main character’s mask shown in the first trailer


Captain Kidd – Ryuji Sakamoto’s Persona; inspired by Captain William Kidd, a Scottish sailor who turned into a pirate. The persona has a skull head and a canon arm.


Carmen – Ann Takamake’s persona; the persona is inspired by French opera act during the 1870’s and uses a rose whip as a weapon.


Zorro – Morgana’s Persona; I think almost everyone knows who Zorro is, a fictional swordsman character. Just like the character, the persona uses a sword as a weapon and has a “Z” logo on his belt buckle.


Goemon – Yusuke Kitagawa’s persona; a Japanese outlaw who stole Gold and other valuables to give them to the poor, think of him as a Japanese Robin Hood. The persona wears an oriental outfit, long pipe and Kabuki-style face.

Persona 5 is set to release next year for PS3 and PS4.

images via: Gematsu and Persona 5 JP

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