Attack on Titan Fans! New Sneak peeks for PS4/PS3/PS Vita revealed


*Insert little boy’s excited squeal here*

Attack on Titan by Koei Tecmo is coming to a PS4, PS3 and PS Vita in 2016. What’s best? 2016 is just more than a month away.

You will get to play familiar characters from the series including Krista Lenz, Ymir, Bertolt Hoover, Reiner Braun and Annie Leonhart. Some of the non-player characters that will be quite familiar to fans of the series may also be playable. The game even includes a titan-killing training level.

The developer recently released a new trailer that shows off even more of the player’s ability to use the 3D-maneuver gear to navigate Trost District. As players travel, they’ll attack the Titans who have made their way within Wall Maria in a variety of ways, all of which involve whirling in the air and slashing them with their swords in a number of weak points.


The gameplay involves a LOT of blood. Just the way I (and most AOT fans) want it.

You can also check all the pictures below, but since these are snipped from magazine scans, the quality isn’t as high as what you could expect from direct game screenshots.

bookwalker 11/4/2015 , 5:04:56 PM BOOK?WALKER for Windows - Viewing screen

I’m just itching to elegantly slash some titan’s butt as Mikasa.

I really like what I’ve seen so far. I just hope the gameplay delivers as well.

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  1. When will be the game be sale from Philippines?
    Pls.. Answer my Question…

  2. I mean for Philippines

  3. Hi Althea!! 🙂 We’re as excited as you are!

    It’s supposed to be launched this month (February 18) in Japan.
    However, there’s no official worldwide launch date (yet)

    Learn more about it here:

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