Arguably The Best Garb Setup in Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns

Lightning Returns, released in 2013 for the PS3, is the third and final installment in the Final Fantasy XIII series. The plot takes place after the events of Final Fantasy XIII-2, Lightning wakes up from a five hundred year sleep only to find that her beloved sister is dead and that the world’s end is coming. Teaming up with Hope, Lightning is given the chance to save Serah by saving other people’s soul before judgment day arrives.

If you haven’t played the game yet, you might be surprised that Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns is unlike the traditional Final Fantasy games. Older FF games are turn-based and lets you command the whole group while in Lightning Returns you can only command Lightning. You control Lightning in real time and her attacks are dependent on the garb/costume she’s wearing.

lightning returns eartheater

Familiar monsters like the Cactuar and Protofloria make appearances but there are new and very powerful monsters and bosses in the game. An ordinary schemata build will only get you far, you won’t be able to kill bosses without specialized builds. Luckily, all you need are these three ultimate setups and you’re on your way to go to finish and even platinum the game.

Tank Schema
Lightning Returns - Cyber Jumpsuit garbGarb: Cyber Jumpsuit (Physical and Magic Resistance +15%, Strength +80)
Weapon: Chaos Revenge or a weapon with high ATB Speed
Shield: Any Light Shield from the Wildlands Research Camp Forge
Accessories: For bosses dealing high physical damage
Ghostly Hood (Resist Physical Damage +75%, Strength & Magic -100%)
Guard Glove (Resist Physical Defense +10%)

For bosses shelling out high magic damage
Preta Hood (Resist Magic Damage +75%, Strength & Magic -100%)
Runic Ring (Resist Magic Defense +10%)
Skills: Aerora or Thundera, Disaster or Debrave or Defaith or Deprotect, Dispell, Heavy Guard or Heroic Guard

With this setup you can get 100% resistance to physical or magic attacks, perfect for bosses that have one-shot-one-kill attacks. This schema is your damage sponge and debuffer. The secondary purpose of this build is not to deal out damage but to help stagger a boss using –ra tier skills, preferably Aerora or Thundera (those two has the least animation time).

You can buy the Cyber Jumpsuit in Yusnaan Augur’s Quarter Outfitters. The Chaos Revenge is dropped by Caius Ballad while the Ghostly Hood is dropped by Snow. You can get the Preta Hood by killing Grendel/Parandus. Guard Glove and Runic Ring can be found in the spheres in Luxerion.

Stunner Schema
Lightning Returns - Equilibrium+ garb Garb: Equilibrium+ (Maximum ATB: +30, Standby ATB Recovery+)
Weapon: Chaos Revenge
Shield: Any Light Shield from the Wildlands Research Camp Forge
Accessories: Any accessories of your choice
Skills: Aerora or Thundera, Attack 4, Any skill of your choice, Heavy Guard

Don’t worry if the damage output of this build is low, the main purpose of this schema is to stagger the enemy using Aerora or Thundera. Stagger is guaranteed once you get the stagger wave to yellow or red thanks to Chaos Revenge. The second use of this build is to deal damage using Attack Lv. 4 while you fill the ATB of your third schemata.

If you plan to kill Ereshkigal, equip the Bandit Scarf accessory (ATB Recovery +10, Brave Thief) and use Heavy Slash every time it casts Bravery and/or Faith. Use Poison once you staggered it a third time.

You can get Equilibrium+ at the Ark on Day 13.

Damage Dealer Schema
Lightning Returns - Soldier of Peace garb Garb: Soldier of Peace (Maximum ATB: +50, Default ATB: 0%, Soul of the Hunter, Artemis’s Arrows)
Weapon: Heaven’s Cloud or your weapon with the highest Strength
Shield: Any Light Shield from the Wildlands Research Camp Forge
Accessories: Falcon Charm (ATB Recovery +70) or Early-blooming Corsage (Initial ATB +50%)
Skills: Aerora or Thundera, Heavy Slash, Shadowbind, Heavy Guard

This is the schemata that makes Lightning godlike. The Soldier of Peace turns a Heavy Slash into the most damaging skill Lightning can have, the Artemis’ Arrows. An AA attack deals tens of thousands of damage but it will even be ten times powerful if the monster/boss is staggered. I’m talking about at least 100k damage. My record is 900K damage on a staggered Aeronite.

You can get the Soldier of Peace garb by completing the ‘The Hunter’s Challenge’ quest in Wildlands. The Falcon Charm is dropped by Aeronite while the Early-blooming Corsage is dropped by Gorgonopsid Ω in the Ultimate Lair.

The drawback of the Soldier of Peace garb, aside from the fugly design, is that it starts out at zero ATB but you can use the accessories above to compensate. You don’t need to use Artemis’s Arrows immediately anyways.

You’ll notice that having high ATB speed is the one thing in common with the three schemas. Quick ATB recovery is your bread and butter here. Full ATB is needed in order to maintain the stagger wave using Aerora/Thundera and when dealing out damage using Heavy Slash/Artemis Arrows.

So there you have it, the three best garb setups that will help you kill all the bosses in Final Fantasy 13: Lightning Returns. Tweak it according to your needs and good luck on getting that platinum trophy.

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