Bloodborne Platinum Trophy owners to get a free PS4 theme

Have you played Bloodborne? Do you have this limitless patience to go through the difficult enemies and finish the game? How about achieving all those trophies and gain the platinum trophy? If you’re one of the sick gamers who achieved the platinum trophy of Bloodborne, well, Playstation is giving away a free PS4 Bloodborne theme to all Bloodborne platinum trophy owners.

Sony is sending out emails to platinum trophy owners who spent a lot of hours and patience to get that coveted platinum trophy to give instruction on how to redeem the free trophy.


Translation: Only Hunters who have won the Platinum trophy can dress their home-screen in the trappings of the hunt. Congratulations, the Platinum Hunter PlayStation 4 theme is yours.

You can also see in the video above courtesy of Shirrako how the free Bloodborne theme will look like.

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