Buy Final Fantasy VII PS4 port and get FFVII Midgar PS4 Theme and FFVII Remake E3 trailer

Sony announced the PS4 port of Final Fantasy VII last year during Playstation Experience, and fast forward to this year, the said game is already available on PS Store as digital-only game for PS4.

Dubbed as a big troll from Sony when they announced the FFVII PS4 port because fans are wanting a Final Fantasy VII remake but now, fans and gamers are getting both the FFVII port version and the remake perhaps on 2017, just in time for Final Fantasy VII 20th anniversary.

As mentioned, Final Fantasy VII PS4 port is now available on PS Store and it is priced at $15.99 but PS Store is having a sale on new games right now so you can get it for $10.87 starting Dec. 6 to Dec. 12.

The file is 4GB in total and it is supported with Playstation trophies.

You will also get a cool Midgar PS4 theme with nice wallpaper and a nostalgic Midgar background music and FF7 click sounds.


Square Enix also included the Final Fantasy VII Remake announcement video in the game. The same video they showed that wow the fans during the last E3.

FINAL FANTASY VII_20151206135749

Also, the theme is only available on R1 account as of the moment as I got a message on Instagram that the Final Fantasy VII Midgar theme is locked on other regional accounts.


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