Affiliate Marketing

Gamepad Project has joined several affiliate program as a source of income for this blog for me to continue to deliver up to date video game news and unbiased reviews. Visitors may see affiliate links embedded in posts wherein the site will earn a small commission if you click the link and purchase something from the affiliate website. This will not cost a visitor a single cent unless he or she purchases a product or services.


1.) All of the contents in the blog came from administrator and contributors of Gamepad Project.
2.) Press release from PR companies and agencies may be accepted and published here for as long as it is video game related.
3.) Gamepad Project has the right to accept or reject any product reviews, gifts, any form of compensations, invitations, etc.
4.) Once the site agreed to review a product or game, don’t expect it to get a 100% positive review as Gamepad Project thrives to give its visitors unbiased reviews.
5.) Mentions, reference or links may not always be an affiliate link.

Privacy Policy

1.) The Information Collection And Use section is the most important section of the entire agreement where you need to inform users what kind of personal information you collect and how you are using that information.
2.) A Log Data disclosure section should inform users that certain data are collected automatically from the web browser users are using and through the web server you’re using: IP addresses, browser types (Firefox, Chrome etc.), browser versions and various pages that users are visiting.
3.) Gamepad Project doesn’t use cookies. This applies even if we use Google Analytics (which would store cookies) or any other third party that would store cookies.
4.) Gamepad Project doesn’t collect nor give away emails and other personal information to anyone.

Comment Policy

1.) All comments will have to pass through manual approval.
2.) Gamepad Project uses Akismet to detect spam comments.
3.) Gamepad Project doesn’t allow any forms of links within comments and links embedded in the name of the commenter.

For any concern about Gamepad Project’s Policies, you can send as an email at gamepadproject.blog@gmail.com or you can use the contact form here. This policy is updated as of August 2016.