Dragon Quest XI announced and will be available for PS4, Nintendo 3DS and upcoming Nintendo console

Square Enix just had a Dragon Quest press conference wherein they announced several Dragon Quest titles to be coming out in the future like the Playstation exclusive-Minecraft like Dragon Quest Builders, online only Dragon Quest X and now, Dragon Quest XI.

In a surprising move by Square Enix, Dragon Quest XI will be available in unannounced, upcoming Nintendo console with a codename of Nintendo NX. The game will be also available in Nintendo 3DS and PS4.

According to press release about the PS4 version of this game, “the core development staff consists of a team at Square Enix. Because of the high amount of resources required to make the game, Square Enix is working with Orca on development. It’s being made on Unreal Engine 4.”

Check out the first gameplay video below of Dragon Quest XI courtesy of CoreSublime2.

As for the 3DS version, “the same core staff making the PlayStation 4 version are working on the 3DS version, with help from Toylogic. The top screen features chibi-esque 3D visuals, while the bottom screen is 2D sprite-based,” added in the press release.

Check the Nintendo 3DS version below.

No release date set on this one as I assume that Square Enix will have to wait for the release of Nintendo NX before releasing this game.

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