Fairy Hero is opened for Pre-Registration and can be played during Closed Beta to get Special Items for FREE!

Fairy Hero  is the newest Cutest Shooting RPG game from Japan that has its own uniqueness and natural charisma. It will be published by Magic Box Asia throughout Southeast Asia. This game is opened for pre-registration from now. All gamers can get magnificent heroes and items in advanced!

Rewards from Pre-Registration

Step 1

Simply pre-register, get one 3-Star character, Archillies for free!

Achillies 3-star

Step 2

Invite friends to pre-register to reach the pre-registration target, you’ll get tons of items and characters! The maximum reward for this is a 5-Star character like King Arthur!

Pre-registration EN - 2

Step 3

Share the video clip! When the share reaches 5,000, get items to exchange for gold and item to increase the EXP in order to upgrade your character at the start of the game!

Pre-registration EN - 3

Step 4

Invite friends to ‘Like’ Fairy Hero Facebook Fan Page from the Pre-registration website, every 2,500 Like will get free 50 Starberry to roll the Gacha!

Pre-registration EN - 4

Special! Everyone who pre-register can get the premium chance to play Fairy Hero during the Closed Beta!

How to join the Closed Beta campaign

1.Send email to fairyhero@magicboxasia.com during August 15-25, 2016.

2.Inform us your OS version of your device that you are going to play during the Closed Beta (Apple or Android)

3.Inform us your email that use to bind with the Store of that device.

4.We will send back the confirmation email for those who get the premium chance to play game during the Closed Beta as well as steps on how to install the game.

Pre-registration CBT EN

***Players can play during the Closed Beta from August 26-29, 2016 in which the players’ in-game data will not be reset when we officially launched the game.

The times for pre-registration and Closed Beta are limited!! Quickly pre-register at https://goo.gl/nygKkz and invite your friends to pre-register before it times out!

Pre-register : https://goo.gl/nygKkz
Watch Fairy Hero’s teaser video clip : https://goo.gl/RFVpv5
Stay tune with the news on fan page : https://goo.gl/9oDAjL

Some of In-game screenshots

Fairy Hero - Ex3

Fairy Hero - Ex4

Fairy Hero - Ex2

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