Fallout 4 Launch Trailer

Ever since the game was announced last E3, Fallout 4 has arguably become the most anticipated game of 2015, and now the wait is almost over. In anticipation of the game’s release, Bethesda has released a launch trailer for fans to drool on before getting their hands on this much awaited game.

Warning: Minor Spoilers ahead! (or not, really)

FO4 gameplay

Here the trailer teases us poor souls who weren’t able to get early access to the game with whats to come, it shows a bit of gameplay (such as spraying bullets using a Gatling gun against a rampaging Deathclaw), and a bit of background about the main story line, so we can probably tag this as having minor spoilers.

FO4 explosion

The trailer starts by showcasing the start of the nuclear explosions and the post-apocalyptic wasteland that resulted from it. The graphics aren’t exactly what you expect from a game from 2015, but graphics has never been an integral part of why the Fallout franchise has become so successful. However, it did receive a visual overhaul as Fallout 4 now features a (kinda) brighter/colorful atmosphere from that we got used to from Fallout 3 and New Vegas. Also, you finally get to hear the voice acting from both Male and Female protagonists depending on what gender you choose when creating your character.

The trailer does not really reveal too much about the story, but only gives you a brief tease on what the main objective of the story will be about. Plus, a lot of what we see in the trailer are stuff we’ve already seen from their E3 announcement such as the updated VATS combat and the new building mechanics.

FO 4 gameplay 2

Fallout 4 will be available November 10th for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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  1. dat ass in a vaultsuit tho

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