Fallout Shelter now available for Android (Finally!)

Fallout Shelter has been available for iOS users ever since it was announced during Bethesda’s E3 conference. But no date was given as to when the game will be available for Android devices and Android users have been clamoring for it ever since.

And now Android users can finally fend off Deathclaws, Raiders, Radscorpions, put on a Pope suit, have sexy time while building the vault of their dreams.

Availability on the Android coincided with the new update for the iOS version of the game, the new update introduces Deathclaws and the Mr. Handy robot. The Robot butler that you can use for daily vault chores and to help fend off attackers. Mr. Robot can can in handy for defense and can be sent out to scavenge in the wasteland as it’s equipped with a powerful flamethrower.

The Deathclaw and Mr Handy update are available by default for Android users, but iOS users would need to update their game.

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