Fallout Shelter trumps Candy Crush Saga from the App Store Charts

Candy Crush Saga has been one of the Apps store’s top earner and has been commanding the App store’s ranking charts for a few years now.
candy crush saga

Developed by King.com, Candy crush had similar addicting gameplay to that of Bejeweled and was considered the King of the freemium app category.

And here comes Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic sim, Fallout Shelter. A spin-off of the hugely popular Fallout series re-imagined in a Sims / Tiny Tower simulator. The game puts you in charge as an ‘Overseer’ to a growing colony living in a post-apocalyptic bunker underground.

fallout shelter

The game was announced as a surprise during Bethesda’s showcase at the Electronics Entertainment Expo trade or E3, and just after a few days, Fallout Shelter has already passed Candy Crush Saga in the top-grossing mobile games charts.

Although Bethesda has not released any numbers, we assume they are raking in huge dough from the game since King makes about $2.55 million a day with Candy Crush Saga in 2015. So even though Bethesda won’t release any figures, we’re pretty sure it’s making a lot more than that. Not bad for whats supposed to be just a free game for the fans.

We hope Fallout Shelter’s success in the freemium App Category becomes the new standard by actually making a great game and cashing in from it rather than resorting to aggressive and obtrusive monetization tactics for in-app purchases that actually turns people off instead of paying for it.

Fallout Shelter is currently available for iOS, and an Android version is expected in the coming months.

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