Fan recreated Steph Curry’s shot against OKC Thunder, NBA 2K style

There’s a saying in Basketball that when a player can’t miss a single shot he takes, he is on video game mode, well, we are witness in another video game mode of Steph Curry last weekend when he shot a 32-foot three-pointer to win the ballgame in overtime against Oklahoma City Thunder.

With that shot, he is indeed in a video game mode, not just for that game, but also for the season as 2K Sports, developer of NBA 2K16 is having a hard time to adjust Stephen Curry’s rating in the said game. They even gave him a 99 or near perfect rating for his outside shooting.

Speaking of video games, a fan relived the spectacular shot made by Curry in NBA 2K style. The video was created by Shady00018 and Operation Sports which shows the final play of OKC Thunder with Russell Westbrook missed his shot and rebounded by Andre Iguodala, passed it to Curry and just when he just crossed the half court line, he stopped to make the three point shot that made the whole Basketball and Twitter world crazy.

You can watch the video above.

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