Final Fantasy composer says that Final Fantasy XII “Remake” is underway…or is it a remaster?

Final Fantasy Distant World composer Arnie Roth confirmed during the Distant World Concert in Pittsburgh that Final Fantasy XII “Remake” is underway. The news was also confirmed through Twitter c/o NeoGAF by the people who attended the concert.

Roth surprised the fans with the announcement with other Final Fantasy composer Hitoshi Sakimoto who is also set to perform.


I’m not sure though if Arnie Roth has mixed up the word remaster and remake because when you say remake, you will make an overall change on the game, just like what Square Enix is currently doing right now with Final Fantasy VII, and it will take years before you finish remaking the game while remaster, this is what most developers do when they upgrade the graphics of the game to make it look more suitable in current generation of console.

Also, it is quite unusual for a composer to announce a future game project however, I think that this is the trend now, where people who are involved in the development of the game keeps on announcing the future video game project. Remember when Nolan North confirmed that The Last of Us 2 is in the works?

Square Enix producer Shinji Hashimoto hinted back in December that there are more Final Fantasy releases in the future for PS4 following the success of Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster.

“Actually, not limited to just X | X-2, we’re currently thinking of setting [a way] to have other past Final Fantasy titles playable on the PS4,” Hashimoto said. “Most of our Final Fantasy assets go up until the PS3, while most of the world has rapidly been shifting towards the PS4,” Hashimoto added.

Final Fantasy XII was released in 2006 exclusively for Playstation 2 and it received positive reviews from critiques and gamers so the Final Fantasy XII remake or remaster will be an exciting release if this is true.

Check out the video where Arnie Roth announced the remake of Final Fantasy XII above courtesy of Final Fantasy Network.

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