First impression on Final Fantasy 15 Platinum demo

Square Enix just recently officially announced Final Fantasy XV during the recently concluded Final Fantasy Uncovered, and the actual game is not the only highlight of the event because they also announced a Final Fantasy XV anime, Final Fantasy XV movie that follows the story of Noctis’ father, King Regis and the demo, which is available for free download for PS4 and Xbox One called Platinum Demo.

This Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo is different from other demo released together with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD because this demo doesn’t come from the main game but instead, it is a stand alone demo.


The Platinum demo follows young Noctis as he ventures through his dream with the guidance of Carbuncle. Yes, Carbuncle, same creature who plays as summon in several Final Fantasy games in the past. In this game, young Noctis walks through his dream world, jumping around, gathering crystal everywhere and fighting enemies called “Nightmare.”

As young Noctis ventures his dream world, Carbuncle will give him a some weapons like toy sword, squeaky hammer and firecracker, suited for a young fellow like Noctis, and use this to battle enemies called Nightmare. As the game progresses, Noctis can even turn himself into car, a mystical creature that looks like a mash up of giraffe, deer and a buck, and alligator with wings by stepping into a marked plate. He can even change the weather by stepping on that plate.



Yes, that is how weird and unique this demo game is. If you’re a Final Fantasy fan, you’ll get a mix feeling while playing this game. A feeling of excitement because finally, Final Fantasy XV is upon us and you’ll get a chance of playing another demo without buying a game, and a feeling of “what-the-f*ck-am-I-playing?”

As a Final Fantasy fan, I think all of us deserve a better demo. Heck, we all waited for 10 years for this game to finish and Square Enix will give us this kind of weird demo?

Don’t get me wrong, the final part of the demo is good because you’ll get a chance to play as adult Noctis wherein he fights a giant enemy. The combat system here is a sort of a preview of what to expect in Final Fantasy XV, but the fight is too short and once you defeated your enemy, the demo is over. It is like you’re already getting the feel of the game and its combat system, celebrating by defeating the enemy and that’s it, the game is over. If you want to go through the fight again, restart the game.

As for the graphics, it is beautiful with some minor frame rate drops during the final combat play.

Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo is also short. An estimate of 20-30 minutes gameplay but that is expected in a 3GB demo game.


Overall, it is a weird demo and the last fight part will give you the urge to play more. Downloading and playing this demo is not a total waste of time because first of all, it’s free, and once you finished the game, it will give you an option to name Carbuncle and the save game will carry over to Final Fantasy XV so there’s a chance that you can start the game owning a Carbuncle summon so if you’re up to a weirdness, slight preview of FFXV combat system and Carbuncle, go download and play the demo, if not, Sept. 30 is several months away and you can just wait for the actual game to enjoy a “serious” Final Fantasy XV.

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