First Toukiden 2 screenshots surface

Seems like we got some new screens for the much anticipated sequel to the PS Vita classic Toukiden. Famitsu has revealed some fresh screenshots for the game in their latest issue of Weekly Famitsu

This time, Toukiden 2 is set in a open-world game that’s full of demons called “oni” where you can encounter and fight demons when you find them.

The Toukiden series is a hunting action game where you control a “Slayer”, a warrior character that battle demons called “oni”. The game is sort of like Monster Hunter where you battle huge monsters in the battle field. In Toukiden, you can target specific body parts and destroy it causing monster to greatly weaken and help you win the battle.

Here are the new screenshots courtesy of Gematsu:

Toukiden 2-3

Toukiden 2-2

Toukiden 2

Here are some more information about Toukiden 2:


  • Unlike its predecessor, Toukiden 2 is an open-world hunting action game.
  • From forests and caves to volcanoes, players will fight in a variety of fields. When you encounter a demon, battles will take course seamlessly.
  • The world will shift between day and night.
  • There is a new weapon called the “Shield Sword,” which is just a big sword in the right hand and shield in the left hand.
  • Development is 60 percent complete.


  • The Hero Who Lost His Memory – A slayer who fought in the Twilight Yokohama Defensive War.
  • In the midst of battle, he leaped forward 10 years and washed ashore a village without his memory.
  • Hakase (The Doctor) (Weapon: Gun) – A short girl and mechanical expert chasing the truth about the world.
  • Tokitsugu (Weapon: Gun) – A device that The Doctor made. The soul of a human is sealed inside it.
  • Gwen (Weapon: Shield Sword) – A British girl with blonde hair and blue eyes.

New Oni

  • Shinragou – A large oni with overwhelming power that can mow down everything in its path.
  • Hidaru – A medium-sized oni with long arms and an enlarged abdomen.

Toukiden 2 is coming this year in Japan for the PlayStation 4, PS Vita, and PlayStation 3 and you can check out out guide for Toukiden Kiwami Rifle Builds here.

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