Former Xbox Exec discussed the details on cancelled Xbox handheld

Who would have thought that Microsoft had a plan to make a handheld system to compete with Nintendo and Sony in ever popular handheld platform competition? Well, it’s true, that is according to former Chief Xbox Officer Robbie Bach.

Bach was interviewed by IGN and he mentioned that Microsoft had a plan before to make a handheld which was referred to as “Xboy.”

The name itself kinda ring a bell. Sounds like a combination of old school Nintendo Game Boy and Xbox, but too bad, the handheld didn’t push through.

Although name has always been like that according to Bach, but the Xboy project came multiple times to Microsoft, however, the company felt that they have to play a role in the ecosystem that’s why the handheld didn’t push though. In addition to that, the Xbox team couldn’t focus on the handheld and didn’t have the bandwidth to make the handheld possible. Bach also added that he doesn’t remember getting into prototype stage of the said handheld unit, but there was definitely a drawing.

Fortunately to them, the Xboy was scraped because mobile phones are taking over the handheld gaming scene right now.  “For us it was a focus issue and as it turned out strategically it was a smart decision, but that’s somewhat accidental,” Bach said.

Though for handheld gaming fans, the cancellation of Xboy is a disappointment because it would be awesome and beneficial for the gamers as well, seeing Nintendo 3DS, PS Vita and Xboy competing with each other for the spot of the best handheld system.

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