Gears of War Ultimate Edition Launch Trailer

The Coalition (Epic Games, People Can Fly, Splash Damage) the developers behind Gears of War, has released the launch trailer for Gears of War Ultimate Edition.

Dubbed as “Mad world”, this trailer originally came out when the first game came out and instantly became a hit with gamers and is arguably one of the best video game commercials of all time.

This title was leaked ahead of it’s official reveal last E3 2015, the game features a complete remaster of the first Gears Of War game. The game now sportsg a 1080p resolution makeover while running at a reported 60 frames per second. Along with an additional 90-120 minutes of new content, this will surely pre-occupy gamers while we wait for more details about the recently announced Gears Of War 4.

Gear Of War Ultimate Edition is set to launch next week for the Xbox One.

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