How to Find Cheap Video Games – GamePad Project Shows You How

Playing video games as a hobby can be pretty expensive and buying new games can hurt your pocket especially if you’re borderline broke like me. Games alone cost at least a thousand pesos and I don’t even want to mention the price of new consoles and PC hardware. So what do we do to buy the games we want? First thing that comes to mind is to save money. In my case I even set aside a small portion of my food money to save for my monthly shopping to DataBlitz. Fuck food! A gamer needs to play right?

Jokes aside, there are other ways in which you can get the game you want without starving yourself. Check out my tips below:

Tip number 1: Be on a lookout for sales
Every month the US Playstation Network (PSN) holds a Flash Sale where you can buy certain games for under $5. The date of the sale is not fixed but Sony usually announces the Flash Sale on the middle of the month. Don’t go thinking that only old games are on sale on the PSN, relatively new titles such as Injustice and Freedom Wars were on sale last May.

PSN Flash Sale

For PC gamers, Steam should be bookmarked on your browser. Shitloads of games are on sale every week and the annual Steam Monster Summer Sale is something to look forward to. Popular and newly released titles sometimes have discounts starting at 10% and can even go as high as 90%. There was even a time when you can download Portal for free.

Tip number 2: Buy pre-loved games
Second hand games or pre-loved games are much cheaper than brand-new games with squeaky clean cases. A title like Sword Art Online for the PS Vita costs around two thousand pesos brand new but you can buy it at half price in second hand markets. Facebook communities, like PS Vita Philippines and PS4 Enthusiasts, have active buy-and-sell threads. Just be careful when buying pre-loved games, there are douchebags that will try to scam you so better practice common sense when trying to buy from someone. This means not shipping money or goods to someone that has no good reputation, always meet at crowded places (like malls) for meet-ups, and testing the game before buying it.PS Vita Philippines

Tip number 3: Beg for games
I don’t mean to beg in public dressed in hobo clothes. What I mean is participate in Steam Begging threads like the ones on Reddit’s SteamBegging or /v in 4chan. Some gamers are pretty generous and all it takes is to appeal to them.


Note: Some Anons on 4chan are degenerate so don’t do the nasty things they will make you do on these threads lol.

Tip number 4: Swap games with friends
Trading games with friends is the best way to play video games without forking out money. As long as you’re not a fucktard and return the CDs/cartridges in good condition, your buddies will let you swap games with them.

One of the reasons why gamers love Steam is because the company understands its customers. Swapping games is part of the gamer culture and Steam incorporated a feature where you can trade games with your friends. Sony understands this too and they shared a very helpful instruction video on how to trade games in the PS4:

So there you have it dudes, those are the tips I can give you without resorting to pirating games. We at GamePad Project don’t advocate pirated games. Remember, game developers need to eat too and what better way to support them is to buy their original games. Oh and I forgot to ask, can I borrow a game from you? lol

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