Journey is beautifully boring

Journey, the critically acclaimed game by Thatgamingcompany. The same company that brought us Flow and Flower.

Journey was first released digitally exclusively for PS3 in March 13, 2012 and on retail in Aug. 28, 2012. The was a real hit back then that the developer made a “remaster” version of the game which was released digitally for PS4 last July 21, 2015 and in retail, through Journey Collector’s Edition, packed with games like Flow and Flower, and with free download of its soundtrack.

Journey™ Collector’s Edition_20151003165047

The game labeled as short and silent video game received mostly positive reviews from critics and gamers having an average score of 9/10 rating. Some say that Journey is not a game, but an experience. An emotional investment. It may be very short and will not hear the character speak but the musical background is so astonishing for some. The game was so good that even Sony President Shuhei Yoshida was brought in tears when he first played Journey.

But, is it really that good?

If you’re going to ask majority of the gamers who played Journey, they answer would be a resounding YES!

If you’re going to ask me, it’s a big NO!

Don’t get me wrong, Journey is very beautiful in terms of graphics, visuals, and it runs very smoothly in PS4 system, but the gameplay? Forget about it!

Journey is literally a journey. You’ll get to control a mysterious character and travel to sand and ice and reach the mysterious, glowing mountain – which reminds me of Mount Doom of Lord of the Ring series. All you need to do is walk and fly, that’s it. No story, no script. Just a 2-3 hours of boring stuff.

The multiplayer mode is no different. Here, you’ll get a chance to join other player’s boring journey. Walk and fly with that player without even a single interaction.

Journey™ Collector’s Edition_20151003184434

The game maybe unique compared to others and some players can say that this is one of their favorite Playstation games but Journey is not for everyone. If you’re into plain and boring gameplay but beautiful graphics, then, this game is for you but if not, it is best to skip this one.


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