July 2016 rumor release date of Nintendo NX seems to be unlikely

News have been circulating around video game blogs, forums, gamers and even to Nintendo fans all over that the next Nintendo console aka Nintendo NX will be out by July 2016 and the production will start on October this year.

It is also reported that Nintendo has reached with Foxconn Electronics to start the production of the said the console and electronic multinational company Pegatron Corporation which specializes in making motherboards and graphic cards, will have a share in the development of the system. Both these companies are based in Taiwan and neither of them responded for verification.

The rumor seems to be “legit” as it came out during the time of Nintendo 75th Annual Meeting of Shareholders so the rumor might came from this meeting because of the poor sales and performance of Nintendo Wii U however President and CEO of Nintendo America Reggie Fils-Aime has stated during the E3 2015 that they are not going to say anything about the next Nintendo console until 2016 because their competitors might copy their hardware.

PS4 and Xbox One competition

When the rumor spread out about Nintendo NX, it is said that the next Nintendo console will compete with PS4 and Xbox One but according to article by Wii U Daily, Nintendo NX will not compete with the PS4’s “power level” and a tipster backed this rumor via his Twitter account @Doctor_Cupcakes, saying the same thing, Nintendo is not aiming to match the hardware and graphics of Sony Playstation 4. The company is looking for a modest console with an affordable price that can support third party gaming.

Release date trend

July 2016 release date is first thing that hit me when I heard about this rumor. Not just the span in terms of production but the latest trend now in releasing a new gaming console is November, 1 week before Thanksgiving holiday in US and just in time for Christmas season.

PS3 was released in Nov. 17, 2006 in US while PS4 in Nov. 15, 2013. Xbox 360 and Xbox One was released in Nov. 22, 2005 and Nov. 22, 2013, respectively. While Nintendo’s very own Wii was released in Nov. 19, 2006 and Wii U in Nov. 18, 2012.

Big holiday sale is the reason behind this release trend and given the fact the Nintendo wants to recover from their loss from Nintendo Wii U, I don’t think that they will skip the possible holiday release revenue of their upcoming console.

Short life span of Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo Wii U made its debut last November 2012 and if Nintendo going to release the NX next year, that will make Wii U a 4-year old system and that’s not the style of Nintendo.

Let’s take a look at the lifespan of some Nintendo home consoles:

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) – 6 years
Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) – 5 years
Nintendo 64 – 5 years
Nintendo Gamecube – 5 years
Nintendo Wii – 6 years

So the average lifespan of Nintendo game console is more than 5 years and IF Nintendo, that is a big IF, will release Nintendo NX in 2016, I don’t think that it is good business plan as Nintendo Wii U’s sales will drop drastically and Nintendo can’t afford to lose more money from Wii U system.

Nintendo has yet to confirm if these rumors are true or not but nonetheless, having these kind of speculations is a sign that the next Nintendo console is imminent and we are looking for a new gaming console in the next couple of years.

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