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When money talks, mercs listen in ‘Killzone Mercenary’

This might be an exaggeration for some but coming from a non-FPS fan, I think Killzone Mercenary is easily the best shooter on the Vita while also ranking among its top games. I mean who doesn’t enjoy acting out as a mercenary for hire who kills for cold hard cash? And the great thing about this is you get paid for whatever you do as long as it involves killing.

The plot of Killzone Mercenary revolves around top mercenary Arran Danner who was initially hired by the ISA forces to combat the opposing Helghast during their invasion of planet Vekta. But Danner, who was instrumental to the ISA win, is betrayed in a sudden twist of fate two years after they drove off the invading Helghast back to their home planet. Due to these developments he becomes the ultimate mercenary who seeks revenge against those who crossed him while trying to finish the war they started.

killzone mercenary story

There is no doubt that Killzone Mercenary’s strongest point lies with its graphics. It’s basically an eye candy FPS with straightforward gaming involving lots of killing. The game also rarely lags or stutters even with its top notch graphics making it more pleasing to the eyes. But that doesn’t mean its story and gameplay are subpar. It’s actually far from that since the game projects a fairly realistic story coupled with great gameplay that forms an overall good gaming balance.

The primary campaign has nine missions that usually introduce new enemy types as the mission difficulty increases. After completing the primary missions, three other types of contracts for each mission will unlock namely: Precision, Stealth and Demoliton. Precision contracts usually involve killing your targets with a specific objective in mind. Stealth contracts focus on a covert approach while demolition is more of simply going out with a bang.

killzone mercenary gameplay

With these said, Killzone Mercenary’s gameplay shines most with its simple yet addictive money earning system. All you have to do is locate an enemy and pull the trigger whichever way you want and you earn a handful of Vektan Dollars based on your frag style. There’s a huge variety of ways that you can kill your enemies to earn your cash and this adds a lot of replayability and fun factor to the game. You can headshot enemies, pick them off one by one with a sniper rifle, stealth behind their back and break their neck, frag them with a grenade, poison them silly and the list goes on. The money you earn from doing these horrible yet entertaining murders allows you to further upgrade your arsenal and do more killings.

There are a total of 24 main weapons in Killzone Mercenary excluding those that can be obtained via DLCs. These are divided into 12 primary weapons including assault rifles, sniper rifles and machine guns. The other 12 form the secondary weapons including pistols, shotguns and RPG launchers. Five types of grenades also aid you in your mercenary missions including the frag, flash, C4, gas and pyro. Aside from this, special weaponry, mostly military prototypes named Vanguards are available at a hefty price. But these provide indispensable strategies to your gameplay that forms a unique gaming experience.

killzone mercenary weapons

There are also six armor types that are tailored to be worn in different situations. Combat armor is for all-around encounters, Blast armor reduces explosives damage and Infiltrator armor silences your approach. You can buy all of these stuff including Vanguards from underground arms dealer Black Jack whose mobile armory is spread-out conveniently in every level.

Black Jack never discriminates on which side of the war you fight for. He also doesn’t care how you use the weapons you purchase so feel free to use them as you see fit. So are you the brutal type? Then go for the melee strike where you plunge a six-inch knife right into your enemy’s crotch then use the same weapon to crack his Kevlar helmet and skull open with a vicious finishing strike.

Maybe you like being the ultimate stealth soldier? Then go invisible with the ghost generator and make your way towards your enemies undetected and blast their heads off with a silenced weapon without triggering the alarm. Or would you prefer going out with a bang? There are tons of weaponry to choose from including machine guns, rocket launchers, grenade launchers, C4s and a portable missile system. The rest is up to you. Whatever it is, Black Jack guarantees that he always has the perfect weapon for you, at the right price.

As a side note, I would like to say that Killzone Mercenary’s online multiplayer is still alive and kicking and is extremely fun to play.

The verdict
Killzone Mercenary is the must-play FPS game on the Vita that strikes a rare and excellent balance between graphics, gameplay and its story though its stunning visuals absolutely take the cake among the three. Its solid assortment of weapons and healthy online multiplayer also boost the game’s replayability. If there is one FPS game you should play on the Vita then make no mistake, it should only be Killzone Mercenary.

GamePad Project would like to thank Drei Medina from Pinoy PSVita for writing the Killzone Mercenary video game review.

When money talks, mercs listen in 'Killzone Mercenary' This might be an exaggeration for some but coming from a non-FPS fan, I think Killzone Mercenary is easily the best shooter on the Vita while also ranking among its top games. I mean who doesn't enjoy acting out as a mercenary for…

Killzone Mercenary (PS Vita)

Gameplay - 10
Story - 10
Graphics - 10


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