Latest patch for Batman: Arkham Knight out now for PS4 and Xbox One.

Batman: Arkham Knight received its latest patch this morning for PS4 and Xbox One. The update is Patch 1.03 aimed to fix the leaderboard which is broken since the game released.

The latest patch is less than 100 MB, and as announced by game director Sefton Hill, this new update is for fixing the leaderboards, and it can be confirmed from the changelog of Patch 1.03 however, when the installation is finally done, there are many users who reported that the leaderboard is still the same or the leaderboard is still not working. There are also no changes in the entire game after the update so people are saying that the update is useless. One user even reported that the latest patch took away his classic Batmobile and one of his Batsuits.

I tried to update mine, which is automatic once you open your console system and tried the latest patch but unfortunately, same as the gamers, the leaderboards is still not working and no changes in terms of graphics, movements, batmobiles and armor.

No words yet regarding the errors or if the patch aimed to update something to the game but as of now, this Patch 1.03 is just a waste of your time and disk space, and such a shame that they had to release another patch, less than one week after its release date that includes a 3.6 GB Day 1 patch and a disastrous PC version of the game.

Tell us what you think about this update or if you experienced anything unusual after the installation of the patch in the comment below.

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