Leaked photos of rumored Nintendo NX’s controller

Nintendo is quite vocal with their upcoming gaming console with a code name Nintendo NX though that’s the only information they can give. Kinda vague information but they already assured that they are working on this next Nintendo gaming platform and will announce everything in E3 2016.

I can say that Nintendo is quite on track on the production of “Nintendo NX” as they are rumors circulating around that they already registered the patent of this future console and speaking of patent, NeoGAF user Disorienter shared what seems to be a drawing or plan for the Nintendo NX’s controller. Check it out below.



By the looks of the images above, it seems like Nintendo is sticking with having a screen in the controller, just like Nintendo Wii U and the controller now has a handles for proper gaming support. What interests me in the pictures are the buttons. It looks like there are holes in the screen of the controller to accommodate the analog stick and buttons. Based on the pictures, I also assume that the screen is touch supported with additional buttons seems to be appearing in the screen and the L1 and R1 button is still there on top of the controller.

Just remember, a patent doesn’t mean that the design or plan will end up as the final product so let’s just wait for the official announcement of Nintendo on E3 2016.

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