Leaked photos of the rumored new PS4 model

To the surprise of many, an image of what seems to be a new PS4 model appeared in the internet all thanks to the person selling it to an auction website. However, the listing is already removed and the unit might already be sold or the seller took down the ad, but the unit looks like a slimmer version of the PS4.

It is still unclear if the leaked pictures of the new PS4 model is the PS4 Slim as Sony is fond on releasing a slimmer version of their consoles and handhelds, or it is the much awaited PS4 Neo.

Check out the images below courtesy of Polygon.

PS4 Slim2

PS4 Slim1

PS4 Slim4

As you can see in the images above, the rumored new PS4 model comes with 500GB hard disk space, the power and eject buttons in front are now visible and the Playstation logo appearing on the top area of the console.

No specifications yet but one gaming blog contacted the seller and is said to be VR ready and Sony is set to announce it during their Playstation event on September 7 at New York. The release date of this is also rumored to be on September 14, 2016, once week after the event.

Sony has no words regarding this leaked photos so for now, let’s just wait for the announcement this coming September.

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