Leaked photos reveal Xbox One S is smaller than PS4 and Xbox One

Xbox One S was first announced during the last E3 2016 and if you’re some lucky folks who live in the US, Major Nelson just announced last month that Xbox One S will be available on August 2, 2016.

However, a blog from Netherlands posted a size comparison of Xbox One S to the current PS4 and Xbox One, and by the looks of it, Xbox One S is smaller than these two current consoles in terms of size. Check out the images below.

Xbox One and Xbox One S



The blog also made a speed test between Xbox One and Xbox One S using Rise of the Tomb Raider disc,and Xbox One S, being the newer console, obviously won the speed test.

Booting Rise of the Tomb Raider from disk:

– Slim: 15.64 seconds

– OG: 16.82 seconds


– Slim: 1 minute 26.94 seconds

– OG: 1 minute 36.56 seconds


– Slim: 8.70 seconds

– OG: 8.52 seconds

Below are the comparison of Xbox One S to PS4.




The size comparison may not be a big deal when it comes to most gamers but this is a big step for Microsoft engineers because admit it or not, their engineers are really not that note worthy.

No words yet on when this console is going to release in the Philippines but make sure to always visit to site for more Xbox One S update.


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