Mafia 3 Release Date Leaked

Several retailers has leaked the release date for Mafia 3 way before any official announcement from the games’s developer 2k Sports.

An image from a Best Buy pre-order card was sent by a fan to the guys over at IGN listing the release date of Mafia 3 on April 26, 2016.

Mafia III release date

And now Amazon and Gamestop have also listed Mafia III’s release date at April 26, 2016 on their respective websites.

The fact that Mafia III was only announced a few months ago, this indicates an unusually fast production time especially since big games like this usually takes years before it gets released after it’s initial announcement. But since 3 major retailers have leaked the exact same date, the Mafia 3 April 26, 2015 release date has some credibility.

Mafia3 screenshot

Although Mafia 3‘s official release date is still up in the air, and could be changed at the developers whim, one thing is for sure is that Mafia 3 will come this year for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

You can watch the Mafia 3 announcement trailer here.

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