Meet the Filipino gamer who made a DIY PS3 steering wheel from scratch

Most of us gamers tend to buy our beloved consoles the accessories they deserved, and also, for us to have a good gaming experience. We buy ourselves some headsets, extra controllers, steering wheels for racing games, thumb grips for FPS gamers and many more. Admit it or not, these accessories costs a lot of money and none of us think to make an accessory from scratch to save some money or just for fun.

Except of course of this Filipino gamer I met that goes by the name of Just Valdez.

The story started when I was looking at Philippine-based Playstation Facebook group and suddenly, a video went viral that showcased the talent, creativity and resourcefulness of Just. Everyone was impressed with his video about his DIY steering made that was made of wood, rubberband, old umbrella, etc and is attached to a PS3 controller. It is not just impressive, it also perfectly working. Complete with left to right turn, stick shift and brakes and acceleration pedals. Check out the video below for you to have an idea of what I am talking about.

Luckily, the creator of this DIY PS3 steering wheel and I are both members of a video game FB group here in the Philippines so I decided to feature his work and interview him.

Mikez of GPP: Describe yourself as a gamer?
Just Valdez: I’m a very competitive type of gamer. Both online and offline game. I like playing games set on hardcore mode… I’m not a fan of games that gives you instructions on what to do and how to do it. Lol.

Mikez of GPP: What’s your favorite gaming niche?
Just Valdez: First Person Shooter (FPS) is my kind of thing, but I also love MMORPG, fighting games, zombies, puzzle games, and Rally racing games.

Mikez of GPP: What inspire you to do this improvised steering wheel?
Just Valdez: My love for rally games I guess. Haha. I’m kinda good at Rally racing games and steering with a joystick wasn’t enough to satisfy my craving for the awesome driving experience. I’m on a tight budget and steering wheels are way too expensive. I can buy one but my wife won’t let me. Haha.

Mikez of GPP: Can you tell us how did you do this steering wheel and how much does it costs you?
Just Valdez: It’s made from wooden planks, broken umbrella, nylon strings, rubberbands, masking tapes and some imagination. It costs me roughly around 500 Philippine Peso or roughly $11 USD for the materials. ($1 USD = 47.26 PHP).

Mikez of GPP: I’m sure, you got a lot of attention because of this awesome steering wheel you made and it is like a “trust-me-I’m-an-engineer” kind of thing, do you happen to be an engineer?
Just Valdez: LOL. Since I was a kid i like building stuff from scraps. I’ve created new toys from broken ones. There was once I made a 4 wheel vehicle made from a broken Walkman and other broken toys. Hahaha. I love inventing stuff. One of my recent project was the VR goggles for my phone… But I’m no Engineer. Haha.

Mikez of GPP: Any plans on doing this to other gaming controller other than PS3?
Just Valdez: Most definitely. I plan on upgrading it for my ps4 once i get to buy the WRC5 game. I’m planning on adding controls for the gears as well.

Mikez of GPP: Lastly, any message to the gamers out there, especially to Filipino gamers who are impressed with your project?
Just Valdez: I’d like to thank the guys from PS4 Enthusiasts – Philippines FB group who made my video viral. To all my friends and other gamers who’s reading this, nothing is impossible! Just think out of the box and be imaginative! If I can do it, you surely can too!

That was indeed a great work and a inspiring story of some sort. You can also check the DIY PS3 steering wheel in 1KM rally stage action below.

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