What The Hell Is Nintendo Labo?

I can safely say the Nintendo is the most innovative gaming company in the past 20 years. They had come up with a lot of unique ideas that gamers love and hate. The love that they got when the made N64 and Nintendo Wii and the games that comes with it and the hate they had to endure when they released the Nintendo Wii U. Now, they are once again loved by many when they released Nintendo Switch. A system that is both home and portable console. A system that in less than a year, gave the gamers two outstanding games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey.

Nintendo, being innovative as they can be, just recently announced Nintendo Labo, a new way to play your Nintendo Switch. To make it easier, it’s a cardboard DIY kit wherein you can make some things such as a fishing rod, piano, RC car, a house, and even a robot and insert the Joycon controller and the Switch console in it to make it work. Pretty neat, isn’t it?

In case you missed it, below is the video of Nintendo Labo courtesy of Nintendo’s Youtube page.

Now the question here is:

What the hell is Nintendo Labo?

I agree, it’s fresh, it’s unique, it’s innovative, but a cardboard box? Do you know how fragile a cardboard box is? And yes, they are targeting kids as their main market for Nintendo Labo but have you seen the kids play these days? A Nintendo Labo kit will not last a week once they started assembling it and playing with it. I can now see kids playing Nintendo Labo while inadvertently damaging it. Sure, it can enhance the imagination of kids by making new stuff out of Nintendo Labo. It can be a video game cardboard version of Lego but at the end of the day, it still boils down to the main material of Labo – cardboard.


Given that Nintendo Labo is made out of cardboard, it is assumed that the price is cheap but think again. Nintendo announced that the Toy-Con Variety Kit will cost $69.99 and this includes the things that you need in making a fishing rod, piano, house, motorcycle, RC car, etc., while the Toy-Con Robot Kit will be $10 more at $79.99. Both Variety Kit and Robot Kit are now available on Amazon for pre-order.



For pieces of cardboard, the suggested retail price of the respective kit is stiff, no, it’s expensive. They may have some technology in the cardboard to make the Joycons controller and the Nintendo Switch console to work properly, however, it really justifies the price at all. Oh well, Nintendo isn’t popular in setting their price right nor making a price cut even their competitors already did.

Internet Reacts

I saw this tweet few hours before the Nintendo Labo announcement.

And guess what? The Internet exploded after the announcement video and here are some few noteworthy tweets.

Even IGN made this video and mixing it with The Simpsons conspiracy wherein the show always predicts what will happen in the future.


It’s not always negative

Nintendo Labo may not be for anyone nor liked by everyone but this is cutting-edge. Nintendo has outdone itself once again and surprised us gamers with new ideas and new ways to play, not just the Nintendo Switch but to play games in general. They came back to their root as a toy company and made a “toy” for our beloved Nintendo Switch.

If you’re going to look at it, there are some advantages in owning a Nintendo Labo:

    1. It can help you widen your imagination – It is clear that Nintendo Labo’s target market is kids but this thing is also perfect for kids at heart. This DIY accessory can let you use your imagination and creativity and do stuff using this cardboard and attached Nintendo Switch in it.
    2. Parents and kids bonding time – Nintendo Labo is a perfect tool to play while having parents and children bonding time.
    3. New ways to play – Playstation and Xbox has given us games that let us sit on the couch the whole day while this Nintendo Labo introduced a new and a better ways to play video games. Some say that it’s weird to play the games that way since most of the gamers are used to conventional gaming but at least there are some options for gamers to enjoy the games.
    4. It can help boost the sales of Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Switch has already sold more than 9 million units and the console is not yet 1 year old yet and with the help of Nintendo Labo, Nintendo Switch will have another good sale figures.
    5. This is their own version of VR – Nintendo said that they are not interested in doing VR or 4K resolution. As for the resolution, they are doing fine in HD and in VR, that virtual reality just became a reality in form of Nintendo Labo.

Nintendo Labo Variety Kit and Robot Kit are set to release on April 20, 2018.

What are your thoughts on Nintendo Labo? Are you digging it? A day one buy? Or you’re going to pass on this one and let kids play this. Make sure to share it in the comments below.

One comment

  1. One thing that doesn’t really work with that “it’s just for kids” is the price.

    Okay, this is just for kids. Yet they charge such insane prices! Do they think that
    a) kids have the money for that
    b) will buy it if they do
    c) even put the time in?

    This sorta feels like a DIY controller holder like they had for the Wii. Even with the popularity of the Switch, I really struggle to see not only the appeal of this, not on the point, but the actual market.

    It doesn’t affect me or anything, just … curious about why?

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