Pirate Concept Digital Board Game Is Now Up For iOS and Android

Pirates War – The Dice King is an innovative cross-platform digital board game with elements of card collecting. The game mechanics are much similar to those of Monopoly and Hearthstone.

As a pirate captain you build fortresses, fight others and capture their lands. Different crew combinations provide you with different skills to use on the board so you have to collect captains, ships and pirates to build your own pirate crew. You can be offensive to bankrupt your adversaries, or focus on defense and monopolize different areas to win.


After the recent iOS CBT on July, not only are we changing several aspects of the game to be more intuitive for users, we also added new features asked by testers, which include a Friend mode where you can play with your friends by inviting them into the game as well as Ranked mode where to you can challenge others for bigger prizes.



The game is slated to Global Launch on iOS and Android later this fall. The game will be free to download and play.

Download ‘Pirates War – The Dice King’ from the App Store and Google Play. (Currently available for Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia gamers as of the moment).

Check out the game video below.

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