Play SimCity in the style of Fallout in ENDCIV

An independently produced video game titled ENDCIV, with the gameplay to the style of SimCity and Fallout has just been released to the Steam Greenlight platform.

We all know about the SimCity disaster that broke the hearts of many (and now angry) fans of the franchise thanks to those greedy bastards over at EA. And ever since, the fans have moved on to other city building games such as Cities: Skylines. But city building game fans will have something new to look forward to: ENDCIV. The game mixes the charm of a city building sim with the post apocalyptic feel of Fallout.


The game places you as the leader of a small community struggling for survival after society has collapsed. Players will then have to scavenge for materials, manage water supply, oversee food management to avoid spoilage as it can contaminate the area. The game seems like your typical city-simulator where you manage your resources such as energy, labor and agriculture. But ENDCIV will also incorporate combat mechanics to the game, you will will have to defend and fight against raiders, nomads, and other tribes. Players can also form alliances or just pillage the shit out of the other tribes.

The game is being developed by a small independent developer named Crowbox and is PC exclusive for the meantime.

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