Pokemon Go Beginner’s Tips and Guide

Pokemon Go craze is just starting in the Philippines and other parts of Asia as the said mobile gaming app was released last August 6, 2016.

If you’re a newbie of Pokemon series or just downloaded the game, here are some simple tips and guides for Pokemon Go.


Pokemon Go is a free-to-play, location based reality mobile phone game that is available for iOS and Android. The gameplay is very simple, you have to go anywhere, I mean ANYWHERE, to find a Pokemon. Once you collected a enough number of Pokemons, you can go to a PokeStops or Pokemon Gyms located in your map.

PokeStops – are place wherein a player can go and get items, such as eggs, Poke Balls, potions, and lure modules which you can use to attract rare and wild Pokemons.

Pokemon Gyms – are the battle location of the game. Make sure that you already reached level 5 before battling with trainers.

You can find all of these, including Pokemons, con be found in your map.

Starting the game

Once you downloaded the game from App Store or Google Play, you’ll start seeing three Pokemons in your area, Charmander (Fire), Bulbasaur (Grass), or Squirtle (Water), but if these three are not your type of Pokemons, you skip this and doing it four times, Pikachu will appear.

Pokemon Go Pikachu

Capturing a Pokemon

When a Pokemon appears, you’ll have to tap the Pokeball in your screen and slide it towards to the Pokeman. A ring around it will show you how easy it is to catch it. Green ring means that the Pokemon is easy to catch, while if the ring is color Red, it means that the Pokemon is hard to catch. Sometimes, you’ll need to use berries or great ball to capture that Pokemon. You can also draw a circle around your Pokeball to make spin before you throw, and once you successfully captured your Pokemon, you’ll get a curveball bonus experience.

If you happen to miss your Pokemon, don’t put your Pokeball into waste, quickly pick it up and regain your Pokeball.

Also, if you open your notification, your cellphone will vibrate to alert you that there’s a Pokemon near you.

Pokemon Types

There are different types of Pokemons in Pokemon Go such as normal, fighting, flying, poison, ground, rock, bug, ghost, steel, fire, water, grass, electric, psychic, ice, dragon, dark and fairy, and each have its own strengths and weaknesses.

Each Pokemon types has strengths and weaknesses, and memorizing all of them can be quite an effort but eventually, you’ll get a feel of it because some of them are quite obvious like fire type Pokemons are weak against water type Pokemons.

Pokemon evolution is the most common part of every Pokemon game, and playing your way to evolve your Pokemon is really fun. Pokemon Go has its own style of Pokemon evolution by giving them a collection of Stardust. You can get this Stardust by capturing a Pokemon. You can also use candy specific to that Pokemon species to help it evolve. You can get this candy by capturing Pokemons on the same species.

Evolving tip – do not evolve our Pokemon right away. Wait until it reaches the CP of 250 and above to make the Pokemon more powerful.


There are different kinds of items in Pokemon Go like:

Pokeballs – used to capture and store Pokemon. If you’re already low on Pokeballs, you can acquire some at different PokeStops.

Potions – used to heal the HP of single Pokemon.

Max Revive – for the name itself, used to revive fallen Pokemon.

Berries – used to help you capture some wild and rare Pokemons.

Eggs – another item that can be acquire in PokeStops. Eggs can be carried around and after walking a certain distance, your egg will hatch to give you random Pokemon.

CP and HP

If you noticed, Pokemon Go has CP and HP. CP means Critical Points, while HP means Hit Point

All Pokemon begin with full HP at start, however, HP can be drained during battle.

Every individual Pokemon is given a CP upon capture, which shows how well that specific Pokemon will perform in fight. Not all Pokemon have the same CP – for instance, in the event that you have gotten two Pikachus, there’s a tendency that will have the same CP.

As you improve XP and become a high level Pokemon Trainer, the CP of the Pokemon you catch will be higher. However,  some Pokemons have low XP regardless of your XP level.

Choosing a Team

When you’re done with your Trainer’s appearance and username, you can start exploring and see a Pokemon Gym. Make sure that you’re level 5 and above before entering the gym. Once your entered a gym, you will be ask to choose from three teams – Mystic is Blue, Valor is Red and Instinct is Yellow. Make sure to choose the right team as this will be permanent.

If you plan to play with a friend or someone nearby, choosing a team is very important as you’ll have to play together to take down other gyms or defend your own.

Gym Battle

Once you entered a gym, you’ll have an option to train by battling a Pokemon or challenge other team that’s why choosing the right team is very important in this game.

Battling system in Pokemon Go is very simple. You’ll just have to use specific moves of your Pokemon to reduce your opponent’s HP to 0.

Both Pokemon’s HPs are show in the game and attacking or doing every move will consume your stamina.

CP also plays an important factor in battle as the greater CP a Pokemon has, the bigger damage he can do.

During battle, you can use a combination of fast and charge moves to defeat your opponent. As mentioned, every move will consume your stamina bar. Just put it this way, a fast move will consume a little stamina but will do a small damage to your opponent, while the charge move will eat up a chunk of the stamina but can do a lot of damage to your opponent. Having a good strategy in using moves is the key on winning the battle.

Battling is not all about giving and taking damages, you can also deflect those damages by doing dodging. Simply swipe left or right in proper timing to dodge your opponent’s attack.

Winning a training will increase trainer’s XP and prestige, while winning a battle against other team will increase a trainer’s XP and decrease the losing team’s prestige.

There you have it, a guide for you to enjoy Pokemon Go. And oh, one final tip – always be careful in playing Pokemon Go and be aware of your surroundings.

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