PS Plus free games list for October

Sony has just released the full list of free games for PSN plus members this October, includes some great PS3 and PS Vita titles!

Here’s the full list:

Broken Age – PS4, Vita

Broken Age

This is one example of a successful kickstarter-funded game that didn’t suck. Packed with an impressive celebrity voice cast such as Jack Black and Elijah Wood, this adventure game features beautiful hand animated art style visuals. Using point and click style gameplay, the game is an adventure about a boy who got trapped in an automated spaceship.

Super Meat Boy – PS4, Vita

Super Meat Boy

Originally released for the Xbox 360 back in 2010. In this platformer, players take control of meat boy to free his girlfriend kidnapped by the evil Dr. Fetus. Featuring over 300 levels where players need to run, jump and slide to avoid obstacles and complete the stage by going against some tough boss battles.

The platformer is set to arrive for the PS4 and PS Vita next week and right now the game is free for PlayStation Plus members.

Unmechanical Extended – PS4/PS3

Unmechanical Extended

Created by Grip Games, Unmechanical Extended is a puzzle-based adventure that takes place in an underground complex and requires logical thinking and puzzle solving to progress. In this game, you play as a robot and explore the world by solving puzzles along the way in order to unlock clues that will bring you closer to uncovering certain dark events. Pretty vague, I know, but it’s free, so why not? – Ken

Kickbeat – PS4/PS3


Kickbeat is a martial arts-themed fighting game created by Zen Studios. Similar to rhythm based games like Patapon for the PSP, you press buttons on your controller that correspond to the beats on the screen screen to get rid of your enemies.

Chariot – PS3


Created by Frima Studio, is the brains behind this couch co-op, Chariot is a physics-based platformer where you play a brave princess, her suitor and a funeral wagon. The premise of the game is to travel into caves while battling with enemies in order to reach the King’s tomb and a mass of gold.

So if you’re a PSN Plus subscriber, time to go online, grab these great games and add them to your library. Enjoy!

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