PS4 System Software Update 3.0 Out Now

PS4 system software update 3.0 codename Kenshin is now available for free download.

The new software comes with new key updates and is focused more in creating new ways to connect with friends and players around the world.

Sharing video clips to Twitter

The latest update now comes with sharing your video clips, not just in social media site like Facebook or streaming site like Youtube, the new system software will now let you share video clips on Twitter. The maximum length of the video you can share is 10 seconds but you users can trim longer videos to fit the required length.

PlayStation Plus

Players who subscribed with PS Plus can now easily access their account by clicking the PS Plus logo in the left most part of the PS4 Home Screen. Here, PS Plus subscriber can see free monthly games, easy access to monthly subscription and new deals.

YouTube live

Let’s Play is the latest trend in video game streaming, and with Youtube Gaming coming into the scene to compete with Twitch, the new software update can now let video game streamers to broadcast their videos, not just to Twitch or UStream, but also to Youtube.

PNG Screenshots

Images can now be saved in high quality format. If you want to use PNG instead of JPG, press Share > Share Settings > Screenshot Settings > Image Format.


Like hanging out in your PS4 home screen? Do you want to relax after long hours of playing and just check some events happening in your favorite games? You can do it in this latest update. This is an overview of activities taking place in the games such as game broadcast and much more.


As mentioned, software update 3.0 or Kenshin focuses more on connecting with online friends and meeting new friends and gamers from around world, and with this communities section, you can send post a message in general discussion, share screenshot and join parties/games. It is like having a social media and forum in your PS4 console.


Tired of typing messages to your friends and other players? You can now send a sticker to your friends to express what you want to say. It is like sending an emoticon or smiley face to your friends in your network.

For visual tour of PS4 software update 3.0 aka Kenshin, you can check the video above courtesy of Playstation Access.

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