Razer to open first ever flagship store in Manila

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Filipino Razer fans are in for a treat as Razer is set to open it’s first ever flagship store here in the Philippines! According to reports, the first ever Razer Store is set to open its doors here in the Philippines come August 1st, 2015.

Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan has posted this teaser on his Facebook Page:

Min-liang tan Razer store PH teaser

The “Mabuhay” gave it away =)

For the longest time, Razer fans here in the Philippines had to rely getting Razer products from distributors, other third party sellers, Amazon or Ebay. And now Filipino Razer fans are in for a treat as Razer store Philippines is set to open it’s doors for us fans!

Razer products are increasingly becoming more here in the Philippines and unfortunately there’s only a handful of stores that sell Razer products here. Most don’t have access to these stores, (or even know these stores even exist) have to resort to buying them online from online stores like Amazon, (like how I got my Razer DeathAdder), and buying them online can be more expensive thanks to the added shipping cost and taxes that will end with you paying for almost twice the actual price of the product. And don’t get me started on how much it can be a pain in the arse when it comes to warranty claims. Having our very own Razer store in the Philippines is a totally welcome sight for those who are Razer fans and those who like to setup their gaming rigs.

It was reported earlier that the Razer store was set for a June or July opening but since it’s already July, (and we now have a launch date), it’s probably safe to assume those reports were incorrect =).

The flaship store will be located at SM North EDSA, and from this photo posted by facebook user Dion Clyd Alejandro Castillo, it seems like the Razer Flagship store will be located at Level 4 The Annex, SM City North EDSA.

Razer flagship store SM North Annex

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  1. InsertionMode. Filipino Razer fans are in for a treat as Razer is set to open it’s first ever flagship store in the Philippines!

  2. Keep in mind though, but as of writing, the Razer store will only honor warranty claims for products bought from their store. ex if you bought the item from Datablitz, you should go to DB and they would be the one to coordinate with Razer for warranty claims, the Razer store wont honor it if your item was bought from a different store.

    But keep in mind that, despite some bad reviews online by some disgruntled people, the Razer support is still very helpful on a case to case basis with regards to warranty claims.

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