Rumor: Nintendo NX will be a portable system with detachable controllers

Rumors on upcoming Nintendo NX system is here once again. After months of leaking the rumored controller, new rumor has already surfaced and this time, it is about the platform itself.

According to Eurogamer, Nintendo NX will be a portable gaming console with detachable controllers. Imagine a portable console like Nintendo 3DS or a the big ass controller of Nintendo Wii U, connecting to to your TV set and attaching a controller, that is the rumored Nintendo NX supposed to be.

As for the console power, it is said that it will be less powerful than the other current gen consoles, but Nintendo already told it fans about it, and the console will run using Nvidia Tigra processor.

Also, it seems like the rumor before that the NX will use cartridge in their physical games instead of a blue ray disc.

Although all of these are just rumors and no official announcement has been made, so hopefully, Nintendo will announce this new “portable console” in Gamescom or in Tokyo Game Show this coming September.

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