Rumor: Sony is set to announce two new PS4 consoles at Playstation Meeting

Following the leaked photos of what is believed to be the PS4 Slim, Wall Street Journal reported that Sony is set to be announcing two new PS4 consoles in the upcoming Playstation Meeting happening on September 7, 2016 at New York City.

The two PS4 consoles could be the PS4 Slim and the much awaited PS4 Neo.

According to the reports,  Sony is targeting both “hardcore fans and more casual users to its video game platform” with the two units, meaning that the leaked Slim is likely to be priced low in order to attract more financially conscious gamers, while the more expensive Neo encourages dedicated fans to upgrade.”

The statement makes a lot of sense as it is said that “the company has been trying to build a community of users so that it can earn consistent revenue from subscriptions and software downloads.”

Though no price, specifications or release date yet on these two consoles, the upcoming Playstation Meeting will be surely a big event for Playstation fans.

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