Scalebound developer to Xbox – “We’ve Always Really Loved the Xbox”

I just hope that this game is not all about hype because all you can see and hear are some positive feedback from gamers and critics about this game.

First introduced as an Xbox exclusive during the 2015 Gamescom, Scalebound is gaining its momentum after that and it became the focus during the recently concluded Xbox One Fanfest held in Tokyo.

Platinum Games, Scalebound’s developer, who is also known for its games like Bayonetta 1 and 2, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and The Wonderdul 101, and Creative Producer Jean Pierre Kellams are all praises for the next generation console of Microsoft saying that they love Xbox and they are in talk with the studio ever since for them to work together for a new game.

“Microsoft, actually for quite a few years, has always been talking with us about projects that we could possibly do together, we’ve always been kind of looking for a way to work together. We’ve had a lot of love for Xbox. You know, Bayonetta for us was an Xbox 360 game.”

“We’ve always really loved the Xbox as a platform, and we’ve always really wanted to work with Microsoft, and when we’re finishing up Wonderful 101, we went back… We’ve been trying to make the ideas behind Scalebound for a long time, since before we even made Bayonetta. So they came to us once again, they were like “Ok, you know, we’re thinking about this new hardware platform, and we’d love to work together, do you guys have something that might be something like really challenging and big that we can work together on” and we were like “we have just the idea.”

“So we showed them Scalebound, and it was a really interesting pitch process, it took a long time. There was actually a big steel book that has the original design on it, that we showed, we kind of “Boom, this the scale of our game.” And they really believed in the project and we started working together a couple of years ago. Ever since we’ve been working towards bringing Scalebound to the Xbox One.”

The game is still under production and is set to release on 2016.


via: Dualshockers

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