Someone posted an early impression on No Man’s Sky

It is safe to say that No Man’s Sky is one of the most anticipated games of the year, and why not? This game has been in the development for years, the concept is unique and the graphics look awesome.

The crazy part of this past is, people are shelling out thousands of dollars just to get a copy of the game when in fact, No Man’s Sky will be releasing in just a few days – like for this user from Operation Sports called CAMPBLACKMAMBA24 and the post was shared in NeoGAF by DeepEnigma.

It is said that the user decided to let go of his copy of NMS in eBay and sold it for $1,250 where in fact, he just bought it for $150.

He also shared his early impression of the game.

1. Don’t expect mind-blowing graphics out the box
2. Don’t expect to take off flying when the game starts. Must put in work
3. Game was extremely smooth. No frame rate issues at all
4. Expect to possibly not fire up another game for a while. I could tell in my short time that this game is gonna destroy some relationships and happy homes.

There was also a 26-minute gameplay video leaked in NeoGAF forum as well but the user took it down already.

By the looks of the impression and the reaction from the gamers who luckily saw the 26-minute video, No Man’s Sky seems to be a great game and can’t wait for the Aug. 9th release for PS4 and Aug. 12 on PC.



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