Sony disabled Twitch videos of Until Dawn

There’s no doubt that Twitch became the number 1 video game streaming site, and still the best gaming streaming site because of Let’s Play videos posted by its members and that’s why, Youtube wants a piece of the pie by launching Youtube Gaming.

Let’s Play or video game live streaming has been a norm for gamers this day as many people usually watch other gamers play for different reasons. Some of them watch the videos to see the strategy of the player, to watch reviews, to know the story of the game and even see the gameplay of a certain video game so with that being said, Sony just recently disabled the live streaming videos in Twitch.

No official reason on why Sony disabled the PS4 Share for Until Dawn to avoid broadcasting it to Twitch yet but with Until Dawn having different endings and a butterfly effect depending on the decisions you made throughout the game, I assume that Sony doesn’t want to spoil the gamers by watching the game online and just play the game for them to enjoy its storyline.

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