Sony released a statement on leaked No Man’s Sky

It is no secret that someone has bought an early copy of No Man’s Sky from eBay for $1,250. That gamer who uses the handle name of Daymeeuhn posted his No Man’s Sky thoughts all over the internet. He even made an unboxing video, gameplay videos, and even mentioned that he already reached the center of the solar system, supposed to be the ending of the game, in approximately 30 hours of play.

Sean Murray, developer of the game recently showed his dismay over this through his Twitter account.

Sony, on other hand, released a statement regarding this:

Hello Games has a tremendous vision for No Man’s Sky.

“Sony Interactive Entertainment understands that some users may have obtained early copies of the game and the only reason we have not sent out review copies yet is due to a significant pre-release patch currently scheduled for Monday, August 8. No Man’s Sky is an ambitious game and the patch is a culmination of the studio’s day-1 aspirations.”

“Sending out early copies of the game prior to the patch would not be a fair depiction of the game as it’s intended for consumers. For those users who have obtained early copies of No Man’s Sky, their save progress will not carry over to the final game after the universe has been regenerated for launch,” Sony added.

Too bad for Daymeeuhn and other people who purchased the game early because Sony is clear that the latest day one patch of No Man’s Sky will not carry any saved game from the early releases.

Speaking of review, the embargo will lift on August 8 at 9:00 p.m. PT/12:00 a.m. ET (August 9) – US time. You can also start pre-ordering No Man’s Sky before its release date on August 9 for PS4 and August 12 for PC.


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