Sony will Extend PS Plus Subscriptions After PSN Outage

Sony has released a statement via a twitter that promises to extend PS Plus and PlayStation Now subscriptions after the prolonged PSN outage.

The PSN outage lasted around 10 hours affecting server connections for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PS Vita and overall headaches for gamers not being able to connect to the PlayStation servers.

And now Sony has promised to extend subscription times for Playstation Plus, Playstation Now and even increase the rentals periods for Movies and TV shows.

It’s still unclear on how long the extensions will be and when these will be credited to the player’s accounts. Last year, after the infamous Christmas 2014 PSN outage, Sony has extended PSN subscriptions for 5 days.

This extension is definitely a move in the right direction for Sony, but looking at the larger picture, Sony needs to step up their security against these kinds of attacks to prevent these kinds of outage in the future.

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