Special Force 2’s first Team Philippines crowned at Playpark All-Stars 2016

The highlight of the Playpark All-Stars 2016 the Finals did not fail to deliver. From four different leagues of Special Force 2, the very best met at Skydome for the final showdown of the Road to Taiwan championship. All of them fought long and hard for the chance to carry the torch of our proud nation at the world’s stage. When the dust settled, it was Wargods Rebirth who reached the pinnacle of success leaving Team secret, Imperium eStraw and Frostbyte Hellogangster in their wake.

But the fight is just beginning. Wargods Rebirth has its work cut out for them going against USA, Europe, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand in the Special Force 2 World Championship this August 26- 29, 2016 in Taipei, Taiwan.

SF2_Wargods Rebirth team wins big at Playpark All-Stars 2016

The search for the country’s top shooters culminated at the Playpark All-Stars 2016 the Finals with four teams on the roster. Hailing from the Supremacy League, Team secret was an easy fan favorite. Coming from the Cafe Invasion League, Frostbyte Hellogangster became renowned hard and fast. Securing top spots from the Legacy Tour, Wargods Rebirth and Imperium eStraw had all eyes on them. All four had proven their skills overcoming opposition from their respective leagues but to win in the Finals, the boys had to fight like never before.

The Semis saw the contenders pumped up and hungry for victory. Team secret made quick work of Frostbyte Hellogangster. Team secret went all-out and gave Frostbyte no breathing room at all in the series winning 3 matches to none. On the other hand, Wargods Rebirth seemed to be on equal footing with Imperium eStraw at first but they quickly outperformed Imperium eStraw finishing the series with a score of 3 matches to 1.

Entering the Finals, the contenders had to prove they were truly championship caliber in skill and in endurance. Fans were also put to the test as it was well past midnight by the time the final two teams’ brawl rolled around.

Team secret had an early start taking the difficult but key first match at the Satelite map with a score of 7-6. It would have gotten their momentum going but Wargods Rebirth would not let up. Left with 2 players to Team secret’s 3 in the critical moment of round 2 at the Embassy map, (V)-xYz-(V) ended Qitz to win the round for Wargods Rebirth. For round 3, it was IMPRESS1VE-‘s turn in the spotlight. He swept four members of secret leaving only Pahipo behind to defend.

In the do-or-die round 4 set at the Station map, both sides went out guns blazing. Pahipo and NiCK’FLIP used MG4 to counter Wargods Rebirth’ MG4. IMPRESS1VE- set the tone early by taking Qitz as first blood. Wargods Rebirth rushed and attacked Team Secret in their base killing all the remaining members. (V)-xYz-(V) secured the victory by finishing off the last member of team Secret finishing with a score of 7 – 1. Wargods Rebirth is the first SF2 Ultimatum 2016 and will represent Philippines in the SF2 World Championship.

As they prepare for the fight of their lives, Wargods Rebirth’s team captain, Kevin “[CG]ShwiQui,” has only this to say: “[To the other teams at the world championship] bibigyan namin sila ng magandang laban! Good luck to all the participants.” With the nation’s hope resting on their shoulders, Wargods Rebirth has a tough road ahead but an entire nation is cheering them on. Laban Pilipinas!

Team Profile:


Kevin “[CG]ShwiQui”, captain of Wargods Rebirth, found his true calling in Special Force 2. Just in 2016, he’s kicked butt and taken names all over. SF2 Legacy, Ultimatum and Road to Taiwan are just the tip of the ice berg.

He started gaming way back 2002 with Counter Strike: Source. However, it was popular MMORPG – Ragnarok Online – that got him playing for keeps. Some 10 years later, Kevin began playing competitively by dipping his hands in several FPS games namely Point Blank and Mercenary Online 2.

Favorite Character: Xiah – oozing charisma and a chinita to boot

John Moxie_(V)-xYz-(V)

John Moxie “(V)-xYz-(V)” serves as the team’s Sniper but he’s well-versed in multiple roles. Like many if not all Filipino FPS gamers, John first got hooked on gaming through Special Force. Thanks to that he’s been part of multiple tournaments across the country. For his next stop – it’s world domination at Taipei, Taiwan.

He’d like to give a shoutout to Waway who loves patchot so much!

Favorite Character: Sakura – making death interesting


Rhomz “IMPRESS1IVE-“ stands as the team’s Entry Fragger. Not far from his teammates, Rhomz began his gaming career in Special Force. Since he did not play competitively, it only added to the surprise of fans when he beat out the opposition and took the first SF2 national championship title.

Don’t be fooled. This fragger is tough in and out of the battlefield. He’s actually won academic awards in English and Mathematics. Top that!

Favorite Character: Red Mamba – it’s all in the walk, man.


Ranielle “PROG[R]ESSIVE-“ functions as an Entry Fragger. A gamer since 2001, Ranielle first made waves in the FPS scene as a back-to-back Point Blank champion. Now, his explosive force looks unstoppable in Special Force 2. Aside from his obvious love of shooter gamers, Ranielle also spends his days being a good dad to his only daughter.

Favorite Character: Sakura – cute and sexy


Levin “_Lev”,” as the Support and Assault player of the team, knows the true value of friendship. According to him, the idea of forming a championship ready team came at his birthday party with teammates Rhomz and Ranielle.

Favorite Character: Random A.I. guy – they’re simply the best

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