Star Wars Battlefront is a Disaster

It’s official! Dice’s new Star Wars Battlefront is a huge flop, posting a dismal 3.8 User Score in Metacritic. Star Wars Battlefront was released last November 17, 2015 and negative reviews are already coming in.

EA is in full damage-control mode there’s even a thread in Reddit reporting that EA is paying people off to say something nice about the Star Wars Battlefront. Shown below is an Instagram post from Benjamin Burnley. ‘Who’s that guy and why should I care?’ you say? He’s just the vocalist for the band Breaking Benjamin who also happens to be an avid gamer.

After reading the reviews, I don’t think gamers are willing to fork out 60 dollars for the game and 50 dollars for the season pass. Heck, die hard Star Wars fans may not even like the game.

It really is unfortunate that Battlefront failed to live up to its hype. Even though I hate EA’s guts, I was secretly wishing that the game will be at least average. Lesson here folks is never fall for the hype. Search your feelings, you know it to be true.

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