Cancel Your Pre-orders – Star Wars Battlefront Will Have a 50USD Season Pass

Oh boy here we go. Star Wars Battlefront which is having a successful (by successful I mean popular) open beta testing just confirmed that the upcoming game will have a FIFTY dollar season pass. 50USD! That’s the the average price of a AAA game. It’s not yet confirmed what’s included in this season pass, all we know is what’s listed in the Xbox page:

Bundle Description:Expand your galaxy with the STAR WARS™ Battlefront™ Season Pass. Get 4 upcoming expansion packs filled with new content that will take you to new locations across a galaxy far, far away. Act now to secure two-week early access to each expansion pack and an exclusive “Shoot First” emote. Be sure to visit often for the release date and additional details about each expansion pack.

Star Wars Battlefront is not even released yet but it seems Electronic Arts is already milking the franchise. Knowing EA, we shouldn’t be surprised by this dick move. I mean they already pulled this stunt to the Battlefield series and TitanFall. It will be unfortunate if Star Wars Battlefront go the Titan Fall route – not living up to the hype and abysmal multiplayer population.

I remember a time when you bought a game and all the content was there. All maps, all characters, all weapons. Please don’t support this DLC shit. The gaming industry will not stop doing this unless we do something and that something is not buying ‘season passes’ or games like this that are microtransaction heavy.

shekelsThe greed is strong in EA.

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