Star Wars:Battlefront will support split screen play for Consoles but not on PC

It’s rare nowadays for a AAA game to have split screen gameplay, this has been done out in favor of online multiplayer which essentially ended the days where we’d go to a friends house to play 2 player video games with them. Ah memories, so good news for those who missed that kind of functionality because Star Wars:Battlefront is going to let you play with a friend on a single TV via split screen.

Star Wars Battlefront - split screen
Play split screen with your friends just like the old days.

However, according to a new FAQ note, Star Wars: Battlefront will support split screen gameplay only on the PS4 and Xbox One, and will not be available for PC. We find it weird why this is news or why this has to be mentioned specifically since we see no reason for anyone to be playing split screen on a PC for any game.

Split screen will work for consoles since the controllers are separate, and with a PC, you can’t play (comfortably) with two people trying to mash buttons on a single keyboard.

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