Street Fighter V update lets you battle CPU

Finally, the much awaited CPU battle update for Street Fighter V is coming this September.

According to Capcom Unity, the developers are now working on the CPU battle mode and will be ready for launch this September. Fans and gamers have been clamoring about this battle mode as they feel like this CPU battle is the only thing missing in Street Fighter V.

Other features of the September update are Daily Targets wherein players will have daily challenges with Fight Money rewards, fighter profile updates, additional 3-10 colors and battle costumes for 6 DLC characters for season pass holders, premium costumes, color bundles available for purchase using Fight Money or Real Money, and more.

As for August update, developers are working on penalizing rage quitters and  maintenance will be performed on 8/16 from 1PM PT to 7PM Pacific Time (US Time).

Just in time for this awesome updates, Street Fighter V are now prized for $27.24 at Amazon and Street Fighter V Collector’s Edition are still available for $55.

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  1. So is this the traditional “arcade mode” that’s been in practically EVERY fighting game since dare I say….1990?

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