Sunset Overdrive will remain as Xbox One exclusive according to Insomniac Games

The critically acclaimed Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive will remain exclusive for Microsoft’s next gen console and has no plans to release to other platforms according to its developer Insomniac Games. This was confirmed by Vitti, Insomniac Games forum’s admin and moderator.

The news was revealed in the forum site when a fan asked if he can still expect Sunset Overdrive on PC. “We have no plans to release Sunset Overdrive on any other platform,” Vitti answered.

The gamer who uses the handle name Krusenstern also added that the game sold 820,000 units worldwide and could be more if they release the games in PS4 and PC but Vitti answere, “Not sure where you got those sales numbers from (they are not accurate in the slightest), but neither Microsoft nor us release sales numbers.”


They also cleared things up that no exclusivity contracts has been discussed but Sunset Overdrive will remain an Xbox One exclusive.

This is a sad news to Playstation fans as Sony and Insomniac Games has been a partner for so long starting with games like Spyro The Dragon, back in PS1 to Ratchet & Clank and Resistance games on PS3.

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